• Homework is an option. If your child chooses to complete homework they will earn positive points daily for themselves and their classroom tribe. If they don't complete homework they won't earn the extra positives. Homework is a reinforcement of what has been taught and a way to prepare for assessment.


    *Spelling contract should be completed in your best handwriting in orange journal. All directions are pasted in orange folder and orange journals. Your child is responsible for earning contract points each week. This will change throughout the year. This will be turned in on Friday mornings.


    Reading- parent reads story of the week(when applicable)  or book from home, and records in log

    Spelling-work on assigned spelling contract

    Math- daily worksheet


    Reading-choose a story to read for 10 minutes and record in log

    Spelling-work on spelling contract

    Math-  complete daily worksheet


    Math-complete daily math worksheet 


    Reading-students reread story of the week(when applicable) or book from home, to an adult and record in log;

    Spelling-complete points for spelling contract to turn in on Friday; study for test

    Math-complete daily worksheet

    *Science and Social Studies will be given when necessary
     **Homework should take no more than 30 minutes per night