• Dear Families,

    Welcome to spring! It is going to be really difficult to top the family project from last month. Your career projects were AWESOME! We hope you had a chance to see them outside our classrooms. Let’s make the project for this month even better! Look below for details!!! Remember that the school year is not over…we still have lots to learn! Take a look at the newsletter for this month to see what is going on at school. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Thanks for sharing your child and family with us!   

                                                                                                                                                                ~3K Staff


    Dates to Remember:

    Apr. 2 – Family Project Due

    Apr. 8 – Pizza Buffet

    Apr. 10 – School Celebration

                    5:30-7:30 PM

    Apr. 14-18 – Spring Break

    Weekly Homework:

    Start trying to write your name at home each day. It is really important that you develop this skill well for next year!





    Family Project:

    We are so excited about the project this month! Our students are so special to us, and we want to know what makes them special to your family. Create a rainbow, and within each color, write a descriptive word that describes your child. Use as many colors as you like…It’s YOUR rainbow!!!

    Make it fun, and be creative. Most of all, HAVE FUN!!

    We need a project from EVERY student to complete our class display,

    so PLEASE get these done. They are due on or before Wed., Apr. 2


    Units of Study:

    Bugs & Insects – We will learn about about ladybugs, caterpillars, butterflies, and lots more!

    Plants – We will learn parts of a plant: seed, root, stem, leaves, flower, fruit.



    We are working hard to be sure we support    your child as he/she develops independence   and becomes a “big kid.” We need your help by allowing your child to walk into the classroom,  put away his/her own bookbag, use the restroom, and wash hands without your help. Please stop at the door unless you need to speak with us about your child. You are welcome to visit any time, but we need to be able to make decisions about your child’s readiness, and we cannot do that if we only see the things you do for your child instead of what he/she can do alone. Thank you for your help and understanding!