Darrien Harrison         
    Room 610
     Paw     M
    B.A. Sociology (Criminal Justice)   Clemson University
    M.S.S Sports Administration          United States Sports Academy 
    Class Schedule 
    1st Semester                        2nd Semester                      Class Calenders
    1-College & Career Readiness         1-College & Career Readiness          All assignments are posted to my Google Classroom pages.        
    2-Psychlogy  (Virtual)                         2-College & Career Readiness          Please email me to request access if you don't have it yet.                              
    3-College & Career Readiness         3-College & Career Readiness
    4-Planning                                          4-Planning                                 
     Weekly Agenda
    College and Career Overview
    This course is an elective course designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to pursue the college
    and/or career of your dreams through the instruction of Organizational skills, decision-making, time management, citizenship,
    and ethical behavior are a few of the themes emphasized in this course.. CCR students are expected to be motivated, able
    to manage their time so that school and studies become a top priority.  This means that they will need to be responsible for
    making wise and sometimes difficult choices. Among the varied activities in this course, students will research and present
    a project on a college or university, write a personal mission statement, research a potential career, learn to write resumes,
    fill out job applications, conduct interviews, manage personal finances as well as perform 6 hours of community service
    outside of school hours.