• Rules & Junk Mail

    Rules allow you to create an automatic action for an e-mail as it is received.

    NOTE:  You will not be able to create a rule that automatically forwards or redirects email to another email account. More information on Emory's e-mail forwarding policy is availablehere.

    To manually create a Rule:

    1.  Click the gear icon in the top right of the screen and choose Options.

    2.  Click Organize E-Mail and select Inbox Rules


    3.  Click the '+' sign to create a new rule.

    TIP:  The first option is a blank template, while the others will have portions of the rule options already filled out based on the description of the rule.


    4.  Choose a Name for the new rule. Then select the criteria and action for the rule.


    5.  Click More Options to add an exception to the rule.


    You can also create a Rule based on critieria from a specific e-mail by using one of the methods below:

    a.  Right-click on a message in the Inbox and select Create Rule...

    b.  Click on the ellipsis at the top right of the message and select Create Rule...

    Managing Junk Mail (Spam)

    Most junk mail will be caught by Emory's spam filters.  If some does get through you can utilitize the Junk E-Mail function in Office 365.  

    To manage the settings for your Junk E-Mail Folder:

    1.  Click the gear icon in the top right of the screen and choose Options.


    2.  Click Block or Allow.  Here you can add/remove senders from your Safe and Blocked senders.


    TIP: From within a message, you can click the ellipsis and choose Mark as Junk to move the message to the Junk Email folder.