• Course Description:
    The sixth grade Technology course is designed to provide students with a general working knowledge of computer hardware and software components using the Windows 7 operating system.  Students will master the skills of entering alphabetic, numeric, and symbolic information on a keyboard and a ten-key pad using the touch method of key stroking. Emphasis in keyboarding is placed on development of speed and accuracy, proper techniques, and correct finger placement. The student will also develop skills in researching reports using DISCUS and the Internet. 
    Fourth 9 weeks:  
    Identity Collages in Microsoft Word
    Google Tricks and Tips
    Google Scavenger Hunt
    Google Earth and Google Maps 
    Third 9 weeks topics: 
    Safely searching for images using the internet
    Saving and inserting pictures into a document 
    SCOIS Career Research 
    Internet Safety (making responsible choices online, Cyber Bullying, and Online Predators) 
    Second 9 weeks topics:
    Email Etiquette and Vocabulary 
    Demonstrate an understanding of how to properly save and insert a picture into a document.
    Continue learning the keyboard and keyboarding techniques
    Email Introduction 
    Hour of Code 
    First 9 weeks topics: 
    Organizing files on the computer
    Understanding proper keyboarding techniques
    Google Drive basics 
    Setting up student eplanners/agendas
    How to use Google Classrooms
    Identifying Task Bar components