• Course Description:
    This course is designed to equip students with many of the needed computer skills to excel in the digital world.   The students will be exposed to a broad range of computer technology from basic hardware/software to applications and the internet.  Some of the topics to be covered include Google Docs, Internet Safety, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Research Strategies, and Careers.  
    4th 9 weeks: 
    Continue Microsoft Excel (learning parts of the spreadsheet, inserting data into a spreadsheet)
    Excel calculations
    Proper presentation techniques
    3rd 9 Weeks Topics:  
    Microsoft Excel 
    SCOIS - Career Research and Portfolio Builder 
    Computer Components and Peripherals 
    Microsoft Publisher
    2nd 9 Weeks Topics:
    Publisher Newsletter outlining 2015 goals  
    Email key terms
    Hour of Code 
    Email Etiquette 
    Plagiarism and Ethics 
    What is Copyright and how does it affect me?   
    Internet Safety - Cyberbullying, Online Predators 
    First 9 weeks topics: 
    Organizing files on the computer
    Google Drive (Docs, Spreadsheets, Forms)
    Setting up student eplanners/agendas
    How to use Google Classrooms
    Identifying Task Bar components
    Intro to Internet Safety (Online Predators/Cyberbullying)