• Course Description:
    8th Grade Technology will provide students with a general working knowledge of computer hardware and software components and applications using the Windows 7 operating system.   Students will practice the following keyboarding skills: entering alphabetic, numeric, and symbolic information on a keyboard. The students will develop skills in research using the internet and citing sources for reports and presentations. Microsoft Office 2010 applications and Google Docs will be reviewed. Computer safety and others areas of study will include: computer ethics, troubleshooting computer issues, communication using computers (blogging, wikis, and email), and digital media.  
    4th 9 Weeks Topics:
    Audio Editing / Audacity
    Photo Editing
    3rd 9 Weeks Topics:  
    Microsoft Excel 
    SCOIS - Career Research and Portfolio Builder 
    Computer Components and Peripherals 
    Microsoft Publisher
    2nd 9 Weeks Topics:
    Publisher Newsletter/Brochure outlining 2015 goals  
    Email key terms
    Hour of Code 
    Email Etiquette
    Plagiarism and Ethics 
    Weeks 11-13  - What is Copyright and how does it affect me?   
    Week 10 - Internet Safety - Cyberbullying, Online Predators 
    First 9 weeks topics: 
    Organizing files on the computer
    Google Drive (Docs, Spreadsheets, Forms)
    Setting up student eplanners/agendas
    How to use Google Classrooms
    Identifying Task Bar components
    Intro to Internet Safety (Online Predators/Cyberbullying)