• ABC's of 4K

     A is for

    Absences: It is important for your child to be at school each day. If your child is unable to attend, please send a written note or a doctor’s excuse on the day your child returns to school. 

    Please send in a change of clothes for your child just in case he/she has an accident. Please put it in a plastic bag with his/her name on it. We will keep these bags in a designated cabinet. 

    B is for:
    We like to celebrate them at school. If you want to send in a treat please remember to keep it simple. We will enjoy the treat during our lunch time or at the end of the day.

    Free breakfast is served in the mornings after our school day has started.  Your child must go to the gym first and will then be walked down to our room with the rest of the students. After we have unpacked and completed our morning routines, we will then go to the cafeteria.                                                                

    All children who are bus riders will be escorted to the buses by the teachers and/or assistants each day. Please keep us informed about any changes in your child’s transportation. If there is a change, we must have a written note from the parent/guardian stating the change.

    C is for:

    If you need to discuss anything with us, please feel free to call the school at 260-5255. You can also email me at Catherinehale@anderson5.net.  We will send a note and/or make a telephone call if we need to talk with you.

    Car Riders: If you have any questions about our procedures, please let me know.

    D is for:
    We use our treasure box and our "think about it" chair to encourage good behavior.  

    E is for

    Early Dismissal:
    If for some reason you need to get your child from school, you need to go to the office and sign him/her out. The office will then let us know that your child will need to be dismissed. We are not allowed to let your child leave the classroom without prior notification from the office. This is for the safety of all our children. No early dismissals will be given after 2:10. We also have a few half days of school on the calendar. We will dismiss the 4K students at 10:55 on these days.

    F is for:
    Field Trips:
    We will go on 2 field trips during the year. We will notify you in writing about the date, time and fees. Your child cannot attend a field trip without written permission by you. Please send field trip money in a sealed envelope with the teacher and child's name on the front.

    G is for:
    Good Behavior:
    Your child will be awarded for good behavior with treats, stickers and happy grams. 

    H is for:

    Happy Grams: I will send home Happy Grams to students who have excellent behavior and follow all school rules.

    I is for:
    We want our students to learn independence in 4K. We expect them to take care of their jackets and unpack and hang their own book bags.

    Ice Cream: In the fall, our school will begin selling ice cream. The cost is $1.00.

    J is for:

    We are so joyful to have your child in our class. 
    K is for

    Please give your child a kiss before asking about his/her day. 

    L is for

    Lunch is now free at Whitehall. You can see the breakfast and lunch menu online at WWW.Anderson5.net.  

    M is for:

    For your child’s safety, please do not allow him/her to transport medication to school. Parents must take all medication to the nurse in the original container from the pharmacy labeled with the name of the medication and dispensing instructions. Teachers are not allowed to give over the counter medicines and the nurse can only give over the counter medications with a doctor's prescription. 

    N is for:
    Our nurse is Mrs. Murphy.  She makes all the boo-boos better!
    O is for:
    We give each child many opportunities to be a successful learner at WHES.

    P is for:

    Please send your child in shoes that don't have laces that need to be tied. 

    Q is for

    We expect our students to work quietly and use their “inside” voice. During the day we will work with individual and small groups of students on various activities. Students must work quietly in order for the individuals and small groups to hear and benefit from the lessons.

    R is for:

    Red basket: Your child will bring home a blue folder every day.  Please take a moment to check it every night.  On most days it will contain important information that you need to see. Some days it will be empty but we will send it home anyway in case you need to send us a note. Your child knows to put it in the Red basket every morning so we can check it. 

    Routines: Your child will benefit from consistent routines at school and at home.  

    S is for

    We will rest every day. Your child does not have to sleep but must lay quietly as to not disturb the others.  

    T is for:

    If your child is late to school (at/after 8:00am), he/she needs to go the office and sign in before coming to class.  
    Please do not allow your child to bring toys to school unless the teacher has approved it. We have many educational games and activities for your child at school.

    U is for:
    We urge all children to do their best every day.

    V is for:
    Visits: You may visit us at school and eat lunch with your child starting in September. Please go by the office and sign in. Please refer to our class schedule for lunch times.

    W is for


    Please look at my webpage at www.anderson5.net/domain/18. Go to classroom pages and click on Catherine Hale.

    X is for:
    Give your child one each morning before he/she goes to school.

    Y is for:
    You are a very important person in your child's education. Please help your child make as much progress as possible with this 4-K experience. 

    Z is for:
    Please teach your child to zip and unzip clothing. This makes recess time much easier for us.

     Thank you for your support now and throughout the year!