Guitar Beginner                                                         (1 unit)

    Prerequisites:  None


    BEGINNER:  This course is a study of basic guitar performance techniques.  Students will be asked to perform music both alone and with others in a number of different styles, including rock, pop, blues, R&B, classical, bluegrass, country, folk, funk, and a variety of others.  No previous musical training is required. In addition to performance skills, students will learn basic theory concepts, including notational reading, functional harmony, keys, scales, intervals, chords, and the fundamentals of popular music composition.



    Guitar Intermediate / Advanced                               (1 unit each)

    Prerequisites:  Previous level Guitar course OR audition.


    These courses are a study of intermediate and advanced guitar performance techniques.  Students will demonstrate an advanced knowledge of performance abilities, including barre chords, finger picking, major scales, minor scales, pentatonic scales, octatonic scales, whole tone scales, jazz scales, blues scales, and arpeggios.  Students will be required to perform both individually and in small groups for the class.  Honors credit is available for levels 3 and above.  To receive honors credit students are required to complete an honors contract. Honors credit courses require students to complete an advanced curriculum with rigorous coursework that increases the level of student performance in the arts area.