College and Career Readiness (CCR)



     Beecher Lockwood  



    Classes/Courses: College and Career Readiness (CCR) and CCR 2.



    Credentials: BS Ed. in Health and Physical Education from the University of Georgia, Leadership Anderson Class 8.


    Class Schedule for 2022-2023



    Semester 1

    Semester 2

    1st Block



    2nd Block



    3rd Block


         CCR 2

    4th Block



     Materials Needed Daily:             

       A lack of materials wastes valuable class time and interferes with success.

        3-ring binder (This may be a shared binder with other classes.) NO SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS

           4 dividers, tabs labeled “Microburst,” “Classwork/Notes,” “Graded Work”,  and Handouts

         loose-leaf lined paper (college-ruled)

      Head Phones “Earbuds” Everyone Needs!!!!   

        at least two black or blue ink pens

        at least two sharpened pencils

         **  Chromebook (Charged)**

         A Reading Book each day

    All students are required to have all materials by the 2nd week of the 1st 9 weeks. If there is a problem with that, please let me know.


    Daily agendas, class files, homework  Plan Book all other important information relating to my class can be found at this link: