Welcome to the second grade music page!

The Second Grade Page

  • Our second graders begin the year with playing and learning about percussion instruments. They will also learn about the other families of instruments--strings, brass and woodwind.  After various activities and games to assess their knowledge, we will study the story of "Peter and the Wolf" and how the composer, Sergei Prokofiev, characterized the story with different instruments.  Next we will study the composer Peter Tchaikovsky and his ballet "The Nutcracker".  The story in a ballet is told through music and dance.  After Christmas we will study the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his fairy tale opera, "The Magic Flute".  My second graders always become such little 'opera buffs'!  The different ways of telling stories- characterization with instruments, telling a story with music and dance in a ballet and telling a story with song in an opera- are direct correlations with the genre of literature study in the second grade.  During all of the study of composers and storytelling through music, we will be singing, working with rhythm and beat and discussing instruments that make the music we love.  Toward the end of second grade, we will begin learning a musical to perform in September of the third grade!  They have a busy, enlightening year ahead!!