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    Make sure that your boat captain fills out the forms linked below. Bring them back to Mrs. Rushing ASAP! We need these before you can go out on the water with your captain. Also, please remember to fill out the PBC Liability forms listed for number five below. We need forms for both anglers and captains. In addition, please get all of the forms and fees taken care of that are listed in the meeting notes. Scroll down to find the information and forms you need.

    School Volunteer Form Packet (page 6)

    Field Trip Letter of Agreement

     Proof of at least $300,000 in liability insurance is required for captains along with the signed form linked below. 

    PBC Liability Document (Page 8 is for captains)

    Fishing Team Meeting Notes

    August 24, 2016

    • Welcome
    • Participation- These are due to Mrs. Rushing (Room 304) by Monday, August 29.
    1. Sign up form on Hanna Fishing team web page. Please do so ASAP so we can send you a copy of this agenda with links.
    2. Emergency Medical Form (copies available on stage)
    3. Acknowlegement of Risk
    4. Drug Test Form and Code of Conduct Form (p 11-17) from the TL Hanna Parent-Athlete Manual
    5. PBC Liability Forms (for angler and captain) p 7-8
    6. $55 dues- checks to TL Hanna
    1. You must be passing all classes in order to fish in a tournament. We will check grades on September 5  and all Mondays prior to a meeting.
    • Sponsors- please work on getting sponsors so we can order jerseys and pay tournament fees. Aim for $200-300 per donor
    • We plan to have meetings at 6 pm in the Lecture Hall so parents and captains can attend. The dates for meetings are:
      • October 5
      • November 9
      • February 8
      • March 8
      • March 29
      • May 10
    • Sign up for Remind-Text @f7kbh to 81010
    • Safety:
    • Students and boat captains must wear a US Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Device the entire time they are aboard the boat.
    • Captains-make sure safety switches on the boat are functional and that the boat owner has proof of liability insurance ($300,000 minimum).  We will need a copy of that proof for each boat.
    • Ethics:
    • Anglers 16 and older must have fishing license.
    • Boat must have a live well.
    • Please release the fish ASAP after weigh-ins.
    • Be considerate of one another.
    • Leave the space cleaner than when you found it.
    • Please bring $20 for boat captains when you fish a tournament.  They donate time and gas for our team.
    • A few rule changes:
    • Students anglers can use the combustion engine during load and unload process.
    • The number of rods on deck rule has been removed.
    • Captains may NOT touch rods while on the boat for any reason.
    • The PBC trail- Blast off order will be posted to the PBC Facebook page and the website on Fridays before tournaments.

    Date Lake - Ramp Host School Sign up with

    9/10/16 Keowee – South Cove Greer Middle College Rushing

    10/15/16 Hartwell - Green Pond Travelers Rest Hall

    11/19/16 Russell – 72 Ramp Crescent Hall

    2/18/17 Greenwood - State Park Boiling Springs Rushing

    3/18/17 Murray - Dreher Island Dorman Rushing

    4/8/17 Hartwell – Green Pond Byrnes Hall

    5/19-20/17 2016 Classic – Hartwell Both

    More information on the PBC trail: