caroling at the mall
  • Welcome to the Fifth Grade music page!

    The fifith graders will begin the year studying the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical "Oklahoma" to coordinate with their study of westward expansion!  This is always a favorite unit!

    Next, the fifth graders will begin learning the Christmas musical!  We will perform it in Dec.   The students should dress in red, green or white shirts/tops/dresses.  The tops can be solid or patterened.   Boys should wear long dark pants, jeans are fine.  Girls can wear pants, skirts or dresses, just be sure the top of your outfit is red, green or white, solid or patterned!!  

    On Wednesdays  in Sept., Oct., Nov. and Dec. from 2:30-3:30, I have the Kids on Key Chorus.  This is open to anyone!  The chorus will go on their very own field trip to area nursing homes and othe venues to perform their music! The chorus also leads the School Wide Sing Along on the last day of school before Winter Break!  It is always such fun! 

    After Winter Break, we have an Honor Choir.  This choir is auditioned, and I can only take 35 children.  We go to Midway for the day to practice with a guest director.  The performance is that evening, and it ususally lasts 30 minutes.  We participate in this wonderful activity with students from North Pointe, Midway, Calhoun and Nevitt Forest.  It is one of my all time favorite activities, and I know I will have a great honor choir this year!!!