• Notification of Services for Gifted and Talented Students
    Visual and Performing Arts Component
    Definition of Artistically Gifted Population
    Those who are identified as demonstrating high ability or
    potential in an artistic area and who therefore require an
    educational program beyond that normally provided by the
    general school program in order to achieve their artistic
    (24SC Code ANN. Regs. 43-220)
     To provide appropriate educational services to
    students from all cultural and ethnic groups across all
    economic strata who perform or show the potential
    for performing at high levels of accomplishment
    when compared with others of their same age,
    experience, and environment. Emphasis is placed on
    equity of access for all students.
     To provide an instructional program in music, dance,
    theatre, and visual arts for qualified students at the
    elementary, middle, and high school levels.
     To nurture both demonstrated and potential ability as
    evidenced through the screening identification
    In providing services to meet the needs of this population of
    students, the district ensures compliance with state
    The Visual and Performing Arts curriculum combines
    rigorous classroom instruction with numerous opportunities
    for group and individual performance and visual art creation.
    The program provides a solid foundation for the study of
    instrumental and vocal music, dance, theatre, and visual art in
    the middle and high schools. These opportunities challenge
    artistically gifted and talented students with appropriate
    instruction based on state standards, and develop the sense of
    personal responsibility and commitment needed to succeed in
    these areas of study.
    Service/Delivery Models
    Middle School
    Anderson Five offers the Summer Arts Consortium, a two
    week intense summer program for artistically gifted middle
    school students.
    High School
    Honors level high school arts courses are offered at T. L.
    Hanna and Westside High Schools, as well as at Southwood
    Academy of the Arts.
    The identification process begins in the winter with identified
    students enrolled during the following school year. The
    process includes:
    1. Nomination/Recommendation by Arts
    2. Parent Notification
    Artistic Screening and Identification Timeline
     Nominations from arts teachers are submitted
     Screening information and announcement of program
    services sent to nominated students
     Screenings occur at home schools by district arts
     Adjudication of screenings
     Written notification sent to parents of identified
    students (with registration for summer arts program
    for students in qualifying grade levels)
     Registration for summer arts program due.
     Summer arts program: Anderson 5 Arts Consortium
    (middle school students)
     Placement for the following year
    Students who consider auditioning for this program should
    have a high degree of self-discipline and motivation, and
    should be proficient readers. Student identification for this
    component is determined by a panel of impartial judges.
    Continuation in the program is dependent on satisfactory class
    performance and participation in scheduled events and
    required performances.