• Hello,

    My name is Stuart G. Fowler. I have been teaching for Anderson School District Five for 27 years. This is my 28th year. I began with the Anderson School District Five's Aquatics Program in 1985. I taught from 1985 to 1992 with this program at the Sheppard Swim Center. In 1992 got Married and began teaching the Martial Arts full time. In 1998 I returned to the Anderson Five Aquatics program and stayed there untill the end of that program. I enjoyed the program very much and still teach swimming during the summer but I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching Physical Education in the Elementary Schools. In 2002 I became a Physical Education Itinerant for Centerville Elementary, Calhoun Elementary and Nevitt Forest Elementary. In 2004/2005 I had the opportunity to be at Midway Elementary School as a full time Physical Education Teacher. I beleive in 2008 I began teaching at Midway Elementary and Concord Elementary. That is my position today! I truly enjoy teaching Physical Educaiton. I will also be the Teacher/Coach for the Midway After-School Karate program as well as Volleyball. (more information to follow)

    I have a wonderful 17 year old daughter who's passion is Volleyball. She is a Senior at T.L. Hanna High School and is currently on the Varsity Volleyball Team. She also plays Club Volleyball at A5 Mizuno (Alpharetta Ga.) She has been recruited and commited to play at Coastal Carolina University. She will minor in Marine Science with emphasis in Marine Biology/Environmental Conservation. My passions is to also watch her play Volleyball. I also enjoy the Beach and Kayaking as often as I can.

    Some of my Credentitials include;

    B.S. Lander University - Physical Education

    M.S. Nova Southeastern University - BrainSmart Program

    5th Degree Okinawan GoJu Ryu Instructor

    5th Degree Okinawan Matayoshi Kobudo