Google Classroom Code:

  • Mrs. Hefner’s Classroom Procedures 


    Beginning Class:  

    Enter the room quietly and walk to your seat.  Write down the homework assignment in your planner.  Class starts with a warm-up on the board.  Warm-ups will be graded in quizzes given later. There is no talking during this time.

    Desk Supply Bin:

    Each student has a supply bin that has classroom supplies to be used in this classroom only. Remember to put supplies under your desk at the end of class.

    Sharpening Pencils:

    Everyone has their own sharpener. If you need to empty the sharpener or need a new pencil please raise your hand.

    Cell Phones and School Discipline Policy and Rules:  

    School discipline policy and rules are enforced. Electronic devices including Chromebooks may only be used when following teacher instructions. Cell phones are supposed to be kept in backpacks or lockers.  If cell phones are seen, heard, or visible, they will be confiscated and turned into the office.

    Instruction Time:  

    During class and instruction time, you are to remain quietly in your seat following the teacher's instructions until you have permission to get up to prevent distractions.  This includes putting trash in the trashcan and getting a tissue.

    Late to Class:  

    If you are late to class, give the pass to the teacher, and go quietly to your seat.  Take out your materials and join the class. A record of tardies will be kept.

    Turning in Papers:  

    Only the work that is turned into the designated area will be graded.  Never put work on the teacher’s desk for grading.  Make sure to have your name on all your work.

    Make-up Work:

    If you are absent, it is your (the student’s) responsibility to check Google Classroom and the teacher about any work you have missed.  Any missing work, tests, or projects will need to be made up within five days of returning to school.

    Lining Up:

    The class lines up in a straight silent line, standing 6 feet apart, so other classes are not disturbed during their instructional time and to maintain social distancing.


    During specific classes, there is a restroom break.  Remember to be quiet, so you do not disturb other classes.  If you have an emergency, please let the teacher know.   Any personal grooming should be taken care of during this time, not during class.  Personal grooming includes hair, face, clothes, and attire changes.

     Fire Alarm:

    When the fire alarm sounds, please remain quiet and follow the teacher’s instructions.

    Ending Class:

    The teacher ends the class.  The bell is only to remind the teacher to end class.  Leave the classroom quietly as directed.


    You will have a scoring rubric for all major projects.  Hand in the rubric with the project.  One letter grade (10 points) is taken off all late work.  Major assignments count 60% and Minor assignments count 40%.  


    These are your study tools. The notebooks are to be kept according to the teacher’s instructions. 


    The teacher will recognize students who remember to raise their hands for attention during class. Students should remember that everyone needs to participate in class.

    Classroom Centers:

    Students will work individually, in groups, or in centers to work on specific topics. When working in centers, students will respect others who are working in a different center and follow specific instructions while following classroom expectations.

    Library Time:

    You have the privilege of going to the library during the regularly scheduled time to check out books for reading. Make sure you have your ID on library days.

    Please read and sign this form to show that both the student and the parent/guardian understand the procedures for this class.


    Parent signature_______________________________________Date______________


    Student signature______________________________________Date_____________

    *I also sign this form indicating that I have read and understood the expectations and behavior consequences defined in the Student Handbook.

    • This form will be kept in a plastic protective sleeve in your binder. A copy can be found in Google Classroom.