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Our Class Pet

Hi! I am Saphiren! My "mommy" named me after the dragon in the movie Eragon. My species name, bearded dragon, comes from the spiny projections under my neck similar to a man's beard. My native land is the deserts of Australia. We bearded dragons were introduced to the United States in the 1990's. Today we are popular pets! In the wild, my species can run up to 9 mph! I recently just turned 5 years old earlier this August. Sometimes I "molt" or shed my skin, but do not fear this is normal. I also may sleep a lot at times, and again this is normal. I look forward to eating crickets and other tasty live prey but only when "mommy" feeds me. I love burrowing in small, dark places when "mommy" lets me out of my tank to play and  sleep wherever I want (this is very favorite time other than eating live prey, of course.) I look forward to seeing all of "mommy's" new middle schoolers and learning with them!