• Health Science, Medical Technology and Treatment

    This coursework will appeal to students who are curious about the field of health science and want to serve in the medical field. See the course information below.

  • Prerequisites: Algebra 1 and English 1 (see course catalog for specific requirements for CP and Honors)

    Recommended Grades: 10, 11, 12

    Course 1: Health Science 1

    An introductory course designed to provide students with an overview of the healthcare careers and foundational skills to begin their journey towards the future as a healthcare professional. Students will gain knowledge of medical terminology along with anatomy and physiology. Computer programs, demonstrations, models, and guest speakers are utilized to enhance learning.

    Course 2: Health Science 2

    Health Science 2 will continue teaching in more detail, the units of study that include the advanced study of Infection Control. Students in Health Science 2 will learn how to measure vital signs, record them and learn what the data means. Students will learn how law and ethics are applied in the healthcare setting. This course will introduce students to basic patient care skills. Medical abbreviations and medical math will be incorporated throughout the lessons being taught.

    Course 3: Health Science Clinical Study

    The Health Science Clinical Study is for students who are interested in earning their SC Nurse Aide Certification. The course is designed to further development and application of knowledge and advanced skills common to a wide variety of healthcare professions. The Health Science Clinical Study is a senior-only course that builds on the first two courses and guides students to make connections from the classroom to the healthcare industry through clinical experiences.











    Honors Framework:

     Click this text for information on pursuing coursework at the honors level.


    Potential Careers:

    Nursing, Surgical Technologist

    Respiratory Therapist

    Physical Therapist

    Dental Hygienist



    Home Health Care

    Available Certifications:

    HS 1: Stop the Bleed

    HS 2: CPR, NCHSE Assessment

    HS Clinical Study Work-Based 

    SC Certified Nurse Aide


    Student Organizations:

     HOSA Future Health Professionals


    National Technical Honor Society




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