Homework help

Homework Schedule for the Week

  • Students will have Reading, Math, and Spelling homework each night. It is their responsibility to bring home the materials needed to complete their homework. 


    Students will receive a reading text to use throughout the week. On the other side of the text, there will be questions to be completed for each day. Students will reread the text to find the answers. In class, we will work on how to go back in the text and underline where we find our answers. For the first few months, we will complete the Monday section as a class, so that students know what the expectations are. Encourage your child to write in complete sentences. Have your child read the text to you, read the text to them, and even read the text simultaneously. 



    The math homework will consist of completing problems that go along with what we are learning in class. We typically go over the reteaching side in class and students complete the practice side at home. Sometimes, the Reteaching side will be assigned. Check the agenda to see exactly what is assigned for that night. Encourage your child to show their work and ask them to explain to you how they found their answer. To take things a step further, you can also have your child write to explain their thinking. 



    The weekly spelling list will be given out on Monday's, and placed in the back pocket of the homework folder. We stick to the same schedule of practice activities throughout the year:

    -Monday: ABC order two times

    -Tuesday: Tree Writing (Ex: apple--> a ap app appl apple)

    -Wednesday: 3 times each

    -Thursday: Sentences with each word

    We will have our weekly test on Fridays.