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    I know most kids are beginning to shop for back-to-school supplies.  It's always a fun and exciting time!  The supply list is located on our school/district webpages.  Once your child purchases his/her supplies, I suggest you go ahead and organize some sort of pencil/crayon box that your child will keep at his/her desk during the day.  In the box, your child should have 2 gluesticks, 1 wipe off marker, 3 sharpened pencils, 1 chunky eraser (most are pink, but any color will be fine), 1 pair of scissors, and 1 24 box of crayons.  If you buy any extra of the above supplies, your child can keep those supplies in his/her cubby along with the marble notebooks (no 3 ring binders), sticky notes, and headsets (no earbuds).  Also, some students like their own cutely designed pencils, markers, etc.  That's totally fine with me!