• Cell Phones/Electronic Devices

    Students must put cellphone and smartwatch inside backpack before entering classroom.

    Students may use these devices with the teacher’s permission only --  in classrooms and the media center for educational purposes only.  Students caught talking on their phones or making use of smart watches without teacher or Administrative approval will have their device confiscated.  Students who use cell phones or any other electronic device to cheat, disrupt/interfere with other electronic devices, take pictures inappropriately, etc. will be disciplined.  Students may have a cell phone out in the hallways and mall/cafeteria area during lunch only; however, if a student is seen talking on a cell phone, taking pictures, or causing any type of disruption with a cell phone during school hours (i.e. music can be heard, clusters of students are gathered around, being used to incite an altercation, etc.), the phone will be confiscated and the following consequences shall apply:


    2019-2020 Enforcement of Cell Phones



    1st Offense School Year 

    Return to student at end of day

    2nd Offense School Year

    Hold 1 school day–Parent pick up at 3:40 to 4:00 

    3rd Offense School Year

    Full Day ISS--student pick up at 3:40

    4th Offense School Year

    2 Full Days ISS--student pick up at 3:40

    5th Offense School Year

    1 Day OSS--student pick up at 3:40

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