• Chain of Command

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    Battalion Commander:  

          Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Jessica Webb 

    The Battalion Commander is the senior (highest ranking) individual in the Battalion. He/she is responsible for everything the battalion does or fails to do. He/she uses his Executive Officer to ensure the staff performs its duties and his/her Company Commanders to complete all functions and responsibilities assigned to each company. If each Company Commander does his/her job well, and the staff functions effectively, basically all the Battalion Commander needs to do is supervise, visit, comment, participate, manage, and lead.

    Some specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

    1. Representing the JROTC Department at many of the numerous civic functions in the community.

    2. Being seen throughout the JROTC Department, throughout the day, as much as school schedules and teachers will allow. He/she should strive to look at and know as many cadets in the Battalion as possible.

    3. Participating in recognition and/or awards ceremonies for each of the companies.

    4. Conducting staff briefings about JROTC to visitors.

    5. Conducting tours of the JROTC Department.

    6. Showing an interest in ALL companies and teams.

    Battalion Executive Officer 

            Cadet Major Madison Karls

    The Battalion Executive Officer is primarily responsible for supervising and controlling the staff as well as managing numerous special programs as directed by the Battalion Commander and/or the Senior Army Instructor. He/she assumes command of the battalion during the absence of the battalion commander. His/her duties and responsibilities include assisting the Battalion Commander in the performance of his/her many duties as needed and/or as directed by the Battalion Commander. Specific duties of the XO are many and include, but not limited to:

    1. Supervising and managing the JROTC staff.

    2. Conducting special investigations as directed by the Senior Army Instructor or Battalion Commander.

    3. Managing the Cadet Boards of the Month and Semester Programs. Serves as President of the Boards for these programs. The XO must ensure that Cadet Boards are planned and members are informed well in advance.

      Battalion Command Sergeant Major

            Cadet CSM Jacob Absher

    The battalion command sergeant major is the principal cadet enlisted assistant to the battalion commander. As the senior enlisted member of the cadet corps, the command sergeant major supervives the other noncommissioned officers ( NCOs) of the battalion and companies. Specific duties of the command sergeant major are to:

    1.Assist subordinate NCOs, the battalion XO, and the adjutant with administrative duties/details.

    2. Advise and assist the battlaion commander in all matters pertaining to the enlisted members of the cadet battalion.

    3. Assist the adjutant in the formation and alignment of the battalion of all battalion formations.

                4. In charge of all color guard events through-out the school year.


    S-1 Adjutant:   

       Cadet 1LT Makayla Scruggs 

       The S-1 is the Personnel and Administrative Officer for the battalion. He/she keeps a current and accurate file on all JROTC Cadets in the battalion. Prepares and publishes orders, and performs a variety of administrative functions as required. The S-1 makes sure cadet records are posted correctly in the JUMS.

    S-2 Battalion Security Officer:

       Cadet 1LT Michael Bowen

              The primary duties of the Battalion S-2 are to assure the security and safety of the     JROTC Department and its equipment. The S-2's main area of interest is  the Arms Room. The duties include conducting a monthly inventory by serial number of all weapons and sensitive items of equipment stored in the Arms Room. Conducting a daily count of all M-1903 drill rifles.

             S-3 Operations and Training Officer:

                  Cadet 1LT Caleb McAbee

    The S-3 is the Operations and Training Officer. The S-3 is responsible for training and operations. He/she prepares operation orders and training schedules. The Operations and Training Officer also coordinates with special teams.:

             S-4 Battalion Logistics and Supply Officer                             

                 Cadet 1LT Bailey Sage

    The Battalion Supply Officer is the JROTC Cadet responsible for the fitting and issuing of uniforms and items of equipment to the JROTC Cadet corps. He/she causes the supply room to be operational most of the day to serve the needs of the Cadet corps.  The Supply Officer has a huge and important job. He/she is responsible for keeping a running count on all items in the supply room.

    S-5 Battalion Public Affairs (Information) Officer

    Cadet 1LT Evan Fortner

    The Battalion S-5 is a very demanding and busy staff. The S-5 informs and "sells" the JROTC Program to the community. S-5 duties fall into 3 major categories. They are Cadet Information; Public Information and Community Relations. Cadet Information: The S-5 uses the bulletin boards in the JROTC Department to keep the Cadet Corps abreast of items of interest from newspapers, magazines, and various pictures.

    S-6 Battalion Signal (Webmaster) Officer:

    Cadet 1LT Ethan Hargraves

           The Battalion S-6 is a recently added position and demanding position. The S-6 is responsible for anything digital related pertaining to JROTC. Responsiblities include but are not limited to; updating the JROTC website on a regular basis, working with the S-5 as a part of his/her Public Information and Cadet Information duties, and finding new and creative methods of informing the public digitally with new website concepts.



          Company Commanders & First Sergeants


    Alpha Company

    Commander: Cadet CPT Danielle Howard

    First Sergeant: Cadet 1SG Coley McGill


     Bravo Company 

    Commander: Cadet CPT Yandel Alvarado

    First Sergeant: Cadet 1SG Victor Arreola 


    Charlie Company 

    Commander: Cadet CPT Jayda Hartmann

    First Sergeant: Cadet 1SG Dylan Brandt