How We Do Things!

  • Rules:


    In this class, my rules are set up a little differently. It is a list of things that we do rather than what we DON'T do. 


    In This Class We...

    • Try Our Best
    • Respect Others
    • Work As a Team
    • Make Mistakes
    • Try New Things
    • Apologize
    • Say Thank You
    • Love to Learn
    • Have Fun
    • Pay Attention
    • ARE FAMILY! 




    I hold my students to a very high standard, so I expect alot and give alot of responsibility. 

    • Students MUST turn in homework and signed papers. If things are not turned in, they will walk at recess/ complete the assignment during their recess time. 
    • Students are responsible for writing down their homework. 
    • Students MUST keep up with their belongings and school materials. 
    • Students need to be honest with me. Honesty will go a long way with me. Lying is one of my biggest pet peeves and it doesnt help anyone, so please dont do it! 
    • Students MUST charge their Chromebooks at home! When these tools aren't charged, they are useless! If they aren't charge for multiple days, I will take away the privilage of bringing them home.