• E-Learning with Mrs. Leopard

    Dear students and parents, 

    This is going to be a challenging adjustment for everyone, but I’m ready to accept the challenge with you! As you know, we are going to be learning virtually (online) through the end of March. The idea behind this is to KEEP LEARNING and KEEP SHOWING PROGRESS. I am here for you through email and Google Classroom, so be sure to reach out to me if you have any questions. 

    What are the rules?:

    • Please submit all work in a timely manner. Just like you’d be responsible for turning your work in while at school, the same applies through Google Classroom.
      •  Make sure you’re hitting that “Turn In” button. 
    • Our school district is lucky that we already know how eLearning works.  Sometimes it can feel like a “vacation” from school, but it isn’t. Please remember that if we weren’t completing this work at home, we would be making these days up at a later time.  That is why it is so important that you complete your work.
    • As you complete your work, please maintain “academic honesty.”  This means not getting answers from your peers and not looking everything up on Google.

    How will this work?:

    • You will be given an assignment each day that we are out.   PLEASE remember to check every day for what your assignment is. These are going to be graded!
    • Some of the resources will be posted separately on Google Classroom.  Please look at any additional content that is posted - it is there to help you! 
    • If you are struggling with your work please email me!
    • I will be actively available  from 10:30am-12pm and again from 3:00pm - 4:30pm. Email me with any  questions or concerns that you have with these assignments. 

    And Finally… I truly will miss seeing all of you over the next couple of weeks! While I hope that you enjoy a little extra time off, please contact me if you need to (for anything), send me pictures of how you’re doing, or just say hello if you feel like it! I will be here for you all in every way that I can!! We can do this AND I am confident that you can keep going as strongly as you have so far. I am so proud of all of you and can’t wait to see you after the break! 

    - Mrs. Leopard

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