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  • Escape The Vape

    Anderson School District Five Anti-Vape Campaign and PSA


    The safety and well-being of students is top priority in Anderson Five. The prohibited uses of Tobacco products, drugs, paraphernalia, and electronic cigarettes by students (specifically,) is something that has been clearly outlined by the Anderson School District Five Board of Trustees policies manual (Board Policy ADC) for quite some time. However, as educators of the youth, we realize the difficult challenges, pressures and outside influences our students may be faced with over the course of their school-aged years. As a school district committed to excellence, we not only acknowledge and view seriously this reality, but are proactive in our efforts to address and intervene. Part of our duty and responsibility as leaders is to be a caring, credible, reliable source that raises awareness, provides resources, and informs our students of the dangers posed by the recreational substances of their generation.

    In response to the continued unfortunate news of young people across the U.S. who have suffered, and even succumbed to the dangers of vapes and electronic cigarettes, Anderson School District Five initiated and launched a district-wide Anti-Vape Campaign and Public Service Announcement during the 2019-2020 academic year: "Escape The Vape." This campaign exists to educate and inform students, rather than condemn them through discouraging the act, rather than the individual(s) participating in the act. This message is communicated through a series of engaging print and multimedia visuals that provide credible statistics and research, bringing to light the serious associated risks and dangers and reassuring students of the trusted confidant(s) found in any Anderson Five employee. The Class of 2020 Student Body Presidents from our two of our high schools (T.L. Hanna High and Westside High) serve as messengers to students district-wide, maintaining a theme of togetherness and unison in our school district that is home to one of the most well-known and loved high school rivalries in the Upstate.

    Spearheaded by the Anderson Five Department of Student Services and Office of External Affairs, and in collaboration with students and staff at the school-levels, all elements of the Escape The Vape Campaign were produced entirely in-house through the combined efforts and talents of teachers and students from three of our high school campuses. 

    The only federal statistic Anderson School District Five wants its students to be a part of is the graduation rate! If you or someone you know feels led to open up about experiences with these devices and substances, reach out to your school nurse, your school counselor, or trusted administrator/teacher. It is 100% confidential.

    Be smart. Stay safe. Escape The Vape


    Please click here to view the Escape The Vape Public Service Announcement.

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    • CREDITS •

    T.L. Hanna High School
    • Adeline Youngblood: Student Body President, Class of 2020 (Video Spokesperson)
    • Stephanie Ortiz (Poster Design 2)
    • Molly Loftis (Poster Design 3)

    Westside High School
    • Lilliana Taylor: Student Body President, Class of 2020 (Video Spokesperson)
    • Ashley Kozikowski: (Poster Design 1)

    Anderson Institute of Technology
    • Stacy Coleman – Digital and Visual Art Instructor (Posters)
    • Jeffrey Hoffman – Media Technology and Film Instructor (PSA)