• 2019-2020 Student Awards



    Farrah Machado won the AnMed Health award. Her piece will be on display at the Women and Children’s Hospital starting in July.


    Aurelia LeBrun won honorable mention for her piece among all elementary students.


    Ava Jeffers received the student of the month award from Artsonia.

  • Anderson Artscenter Artshow Artwork:

    Aurelia LeBrun 4th grade

    Chloe Bell 2nd grade

    Nealy Trammell kindergarten

    Ree Nowttnick 3rd grade

    Sam Black 1st grade

    Sasha Demydyuk 5th grade

    Bella Foy 5th grade

    Kenny Crossen 2nd grade

    Farrah Machado 2nd grade

    Meghan Martin 4th grade

  • Library and District Office Artwork:

    Colton McCall 2nd grade

    Aadya Gowda 2nd grade

    Rayna Patel 1st grade

    Nathanael Burden 5th grade

    Ayden Webb 2nd grade

    Sadie Ray 5th grade

    Caleb Hughes 5th grade

    Kimberly Williams 5th grade

    Paul Ladshyn 5th grade

    Jayna Laven 3rd grade

    Chloe Dashnaw 3rd grade

    Sophia Horm 3rd grade

    Jamiyah Clinkscales 3rd grade