Welcome to Ms. Bennett Brilliant Bunch


    Dear Parents,

    A new school year is an exciting time for students, parents, and teachers. It means making new friends, taking part in new activities, and learning new skills. In order to have a successful learning environment, I will stress the importance of cooperative learning and respect in the classroom. This involves good study skills, listening skills, and most of all responsible and respectful behavior. In order for me to do the best job possible as a teacher, I will promote positive management techniques that motivate children to be responsible for their own behavior. In this packet you will find our Classroom Rules, Rewards and Consequences. Please read and review these with your child.

    Reviewing skills we find is important to being successful in the classroom. Therefore, homework will be given Monday through Thursday. Completing homework to the best of their ability will reinforce the topics we are learning in class. Occasional projects may require some weekend work. If there is any change in nightly homework, I will send a note through Remind.  Remind is a free text messaging application that is a good way to communicate anything going on in school or to get in touch with me personally.

    • To join Remind for Ms. Bennett’s Brilliant Bunch parents may send a text to 81010 and enter @4b47ad

    My goal as a teacher is always to help each of my students reach his or her fullest potential and to instill in them a love for learning. I will respect each child as an individual and offer concern and understanding for their problems. Supporting the discipline plan, sending your child to school every day, making sure that your child completes homework and reads at home is a must.  If you ever have questions or concerns, please send a Remind, email or stop in to talk with me.

    I’d love for you to help me get some items to keep your children safe as well as some instructional items, here is the link to my Amazon wishlist. I am looking forward to a sensational and productive school year!



    Ms. N. Ralisha Bennett 


    Classroom Discipline System



    Discipline Chart


    Parents this chart represents the chart that is hanging the classroom as part of our discipline system. All students will begin the day on ready to learn, green. They can go up with good behavior to great effort (blue), excellent choices (teal), and outstanding (purple). When students reach excellent choices, they will receive one punch on their punch card, when the reach outstanding they will receive two punches on their punch card. When a student reaches ten punches on their punch card, they will have an opportunity to visit the classroom treasure box and will receive a new punch card.


    Students not following the classroom rules will go below on the chart to think about it (yellow), make better choices (orange), and parent contact (red). If a student is on red, I will be calling to tell you the parent about your child’s day, hopefully that will not happen. I like to make phone calls for good reasons.

    Also, parents I will be asking students what things they would like to add to the treasure box in addition to what I already have. If you would like to add to the treasure box, your donations would be greatly appreciated.



    Grading System

    • A -100 - 90
    • B - 89 - 80
    • C - 79 – 70
    • D - 69 – 60
    • F/U- 59 - 50