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    Forris Gillard, Molly Burdette, Jessica Green, Rachael Cary, Nancy Nixon, Andrea Williams


    Rachael Cary, Teacher

        Samantha Camp, Assistant

    Lauren Hindman, Teacher    

     Nancy Nixon, Assistant








    Welcome to the Emotionally Disabled and Behavioral Disability Program. Our mission is to work with each family and student to return them to the regular education setting if possible. Our team believes that all students can learn and grow into productive students in the school environment. We also believe that a family approach is best in aiding a student to make the changes necessary to succeed in the public school environment.

    We currently have two self contained classes at North Pointe Elementary.  We work together to provide instruction on each student's level of performance. Our goal is to get the student back on grade level through small group or one-on-one instruction if needed to succeed. If your student is on grade level or above we will work with them to keep them challenged in the classroom. We utilize a level system for behavioral and social growth within the program. This system contains three levels that focus on the students individual needs and goals as outlined on their behavior intervention plan.

    We look forward to working with you and your student this year! If you have any questions or concerns please contact the teacher for your student.