• Machine Technology

    This coursework will appeal to students who are curious about milling and lathe operations to create parts and do tool and die work. See the course information below.

  • Prerequisites: Algebra 1 and English 1 (see course catalog for specific requirements for CP and Honors)

    Recommended Grades: 10, 11, 12

    Course 1: Machine Tool Technology 1

    This course is designed to familiarize students with the basic skills required by a machinist in the modern machine shop. Basics of shop safety, machine operation, print reading, precision measurement, layout work, and bench work will be mastered by the student. A good understanding of fractions, decimal fractions, and metric measurement is necessary. There is a fee for this course. 

    Course 2: Machine Tool Technology 2

    This course builds on the foundation of Course 1 and is designed to train students to have employable skills in local machine shops or to enter a post-secondary program at an advanced level. While it takes years to become a skilled machinist, the level 2 completer will be able to enter the workforce on an apprentice level with a good knowledge and skill development of all required SC machine technology competencies. Instruction will be offered in the basics of Computer Numerical Control machining as well as MIG, ARC, and gas welding. Technical Advanced Placement may be available through some SC technical colleges. There is a fee for this course 

    Course 3: Machine Tool Technology 3

    This course is for students who have successfully completed Courses1 and 2. It is designed to prepare students for postsecondary Computer Numerical Control machining and entry-level skills as a CNC operator/programmer. HAAS trainers, as well as HAAS and Bridgeport CNC milling machines, will be used to train students in real-world machining and programming situations. There is a fee for this course.

    Course 4: Machine Tool Technology 4

    Machine Tool Technology 4 is designed to provide students the ability to have introductory CAD/CAM experience with MasterCAM software working in parallel with CNC Machines. The students will work on and complete a CAPSTONE project to align with the 4 levels of Machine Tool Technology. There is a fee for this course.

    Honors Framework:

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    Potential Careers:

    Manual Machinist

    CNC Programmer

    Mechanical Technician

    CNC Operator

    Available Certifications:

    NIMS Certification



    Student Organizations: 

    Skills USA 

    National Technical Honor Society







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