• Every month during classroom guidance, students will learn about a character trait and how it applies to their academics, their personal/social life, and the world around them.  

    The character trait for the month of June is:

    The last week of school

    It's that long-awaited time - the last week of school!  Some of you have made big plans for the summer.  For most of you, summer vacation means lots of sleep, play and exercise, but don't forget to exercise those brains a little!  We want to remember how to use them.  Whatever you have planned for the summer, think about these words:  Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.  This summer, turn off the tv or video game and get into a good book.  Take some time to play outside, too!  You may be surprised at how enjoyable reading for fun or getting fresh air can be!  However you choose to spend your summer vacation, make every choice a safe one!