Welcome to 6th grade Social Studies!

  • My name is Lauren McClure Hawkins (Mrs. Hawkins) and I am a native of Anderson! I am a product of District Five from 4K-12th grade (2002-2016) and graduated Westside (#thebestside) in 2016 with honors. I graduated with honors from Clemson University in December 2020 with my degree in History, subbed from January 2021-June 2021, and now a second year teacher through the PACE program!

    All About me (outside of school) Google Slides:

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at: laurenmcclure@anderson5.net. I can't WAIT for this school year! Go Rams! 


    I utilize Remid to send reminders and contact parents individually. I only send and check messages during school days (M-F 7:40-3:40). PLEASE make sure you join!

    Weekly lesson plans are uploaded every Monday morning. If you want to be updated on what we're doing and/or if your student is absent, please visit the link! 

    PowerSchool is updated weekly and almost all assignments are online.

    Students are responsible for their notebooks, folders, supplies, and assignments. They are in middle school now so help them by keeping them accountable!

    Your student(s) success starts at home and is strengthened at school. Make sure your student(s) are keeping up with their assignments, practicing kindness towards themselves and others, and having a positive attitude!