T. L. Hanna High School

  • New Student Enrollment


    New student enrollment information can be found in the Counseling & Records section. Click the Registration button at the top of the page.


    We will begin registering new students on July 18, 2022. Please

    complete the following steps:


    1. Complete Gateway registration


    2. Visit the TL Hanna School Counseling webpage in reference to materials needed

    for registration → Registration


    3. Make an appointment with our counseling secretary on that webpage, or

    through this Calendly link


    Parking Tag Information

    If you are driving to school this year, you must purchase a parking pass for $20. The form below must be completed:




    The Anderson School District Five Teacher Forum is composed of the Teachers of the Year from each school in A5. The purpose of this forum is for teachers to come together for a common purpose of serving our district for the betterment of our students.

    This year we would like to recognize teachers throughout the year that are exemplifying the qualities that A5 teachers hold so well.


    For the 3rd quarter, Anderson School District Five's Teacher Forum wanted to recognize teachers that show:

    “Excellence in Leadership” within their school community.  Teachers that have excellence in leadership show:  self-motivation, care for others, self-discipline, great communication skills, courage, resiliency, continuous support for others, a fair attitude, is knowledgeable of their own weakness but strives for continuous improvement of self, and looks to impact student learning by empowering other educators to strengthen their abilities in the classroom.


    Congratulations to Chanda Canup from TL Hanna High School


    Here is what her colleagues had to say!


    “Mrs. Canup is one of the best leaders we have in the building. She works so hard, and she is constantly helping other teachers with their craft. She is a skilled communicator both with fellow employees and with her students. She sets high expectations, but she is always fair with her assignments. Mrs. Canup is someone that the entire English department can turn to, despite not being our Department Head. She makes everyone feel heard and understood, and she provides valuable input on strategies we can try to help us improve things. There was one day when I had a really tough morning and was upset. Mrs. Canup took the time out of her day to come to check in on me. After I lead a PD session, she stayed late to debrief with me about the session. There truly is no one better for this award!”

    “Mrs. Canup is constantly encouraging other teachers, staying late to communicate with parents, and always seeking new ways to serve her students better.”