• clemson
    Name: Mrs.  Frankie Moorhead         
    Classes:Second Grade
    Credentials  BS in Elementary Education
                         M Ed in Reading Instruction



                As I was growing up I noticed that some of my teachers did not always treat everyone fairly. I decided I wanted to become a teacher, because I think that everyone should have the same opportunity to learn.  Fostering cultural awareness and diversity are of the utmost importance in a fair classroom.  Creating a positive classroom environment is also important for all children to learn.  Additionally, a variety of teaching strategies must also be used in order to accommodate all learners.

                In most classrooms there are always students of another race, culture, or socioeconomic status.  It is a great opportunity to have a variety of students in your room.  A non-English speaking student can benefit the classroom.  ESOL students have the opportunity to teach us about their cultures and things we don’t already know about them. Students want to learn no matter what and should not be treated differently because of their differences.  They should be treated as positive “bonus” to your classroom, for you as the teacher, as well as for the students.

                Creating a positive classroom is also important for all children to learn.  Setting expectations in the very beginning of the school year can do this.  You must keep the positive environment throughout the school year by following through with your expectations.  Additionally, a positive environment consists of positive reinforcement.  Praise should be done so that everyone notices and the child should be rewarded for positive behavior.  When the students work together and know what is expected of them the environment will be positive.

                After having set the tone in my classroom, a variety of teaching strategies should be used to accommodate all learners.  Cooperative learning is a great way for every student to learn from one another.  When students are working together they have the opportunity to ask each other questions and to help each other with something that is difficult for the other.  Centers are a great asset to the classroom, no matter what the grade.  They involve a great deal of hands-on activities, which is the only way many children can grasp a concept.  Centers allow groups of different types of students to work together.  Guided reading groups gives each student the opportunity to work with others on the same reading level.  Through running records and DRA testing, the groups change throughout the year allowing students to be reading at a level fluently and with greater comprehension.  Most students move up several levels during the school year.  This reading style builds confidence for readers.  A teaching strategy must be used to meet the students’ needs.  A dedicated teacher should want every child to accomplish his goals, and to do what it takes to help every child accomplish this.

                Children learn from other children.  This is why it is so beneficial to have children from different races, nationalities, and socio-economic status in the same classroom.  With the help of a positive classroom environment and a variety of teaching strategies every child has the opportunity to learn.  I, as a teacher, will accept the greatest challenge to provide opportunities for every student regardless of attitude or ability, to experience some form of success.