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    Requirements for Paraprofessionals

    Requirements for Paraprofessionals (Assistants in the classroom)

    According to the Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), all instructional paraprofessionals must complete at least one of the following three requirements:

    • At least two years of study (60 semester hours) at an accredited institution of higher education; or
    • An associate's degree (or higher); or
    • An approved state or local academic assessment that measures the paraprofessional's knowledge of and ability to assist in instruction of the following subjects at the appropriate level:
    • To meet this assessment requirement, paraprofessionals may choose one of the following state approved tests: 
      • Reading, Writing and Mathematics,  or
      • Reading readiness, Writing Readiness, and Mathematics Readiness.
    • ParaPro Assessment (ETS.org). The minimum passing score on this test is 456.
    • ACT.org - WorkKeys (ACT.org). The following four areas are required: reading, writing, mathematics, and an inventory survey. (WorkKeys has been available for veteran staff only, since it required the Instructional Support Inventory. WorkKeys is not an option for new paraprofessionals). 
      The minimum passing score on the required assessments are as follows. 
      Applied Mathematics - 4
      Reading for Information - 4
      Writing or Business Writing - 3
      Instructional Support Inventory - 3


    Call the Anderson Adult Education Center 260-5075 for more information.
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