• 7th grade social studies is exciting and quick moving! We will study World History from the year 1600 to present day.  Please take time to view the class syllabus that students will be bringing home this week! Below is a chronological outline of the units we will study. I am so excited to have each of you this year!

    • Unit 1: Basic Geography, Government, and Economics Systems
    • Unit 2 & 3: Exploration and Colonization
    • Unit 4: The Scientific Revolution
    • Unit 5: The Enlightenment and Glorious Revolution
    • Unit 6: The American Revolution
    • Unit 7: The French Revolution and Napoleon
    • Unit 8: Latin American Revolutions
    • Unit 9: The Industrial Revolution
    • Unit 10: Imperialism
    • Unit 11: World War I
    • Unit 12: World War II and the Holocaust
    • Unit 13: The Cold War
    • Unit 14: Moving Into the Modern World
    • Unit 15: The Modern World

    All files you will need can be accessed through my Google Classroom or on my planbook website.  As we study each one, please feel free to navigate through and print any of the notes, handouts, SmartBoard presentations, PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, study guides, and other materials.. Under Class Links you will find helpful videos, webpages, articles, etc. to help enrich understanding of the unit we are studying. I am really looking forward to a wonderful year!

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