Title One Schools

The following schools in Anderson School Distrct Five are listed as Title One Schools:

Whitehall Elementary School

New Prospect Elementary School

Homeland Park Primary School

Varennes Elementary School

Nevitt Forest Elementary School

Calhoun Academy of the Arts


All teachers in Title 1 schools are highly qualified.  If in the very rare instance, at the beginning of the year, a highly qualified teacher is not found to fill a position, parents are notified within 5 days that the substitute is not deemed highly qualified.


When a qualified teacher is out of school on medical leave, the district will always attempt to place a substitute teacher who meets the requirements in a classroom; however, if this is not possible, a letter will be sent to parents before the second week ends.  If it is known, from the beginning, that a teacher will be out for four or more weeks and the substitute teacher does not meet the requirements, parents will be notified when the substitute teacher begins his/her assignment.