Office 365 FAQ

Questions that may be asked after your email account
has been migrated to Office 365

1.  How do I setup my email on my iPad or iPhone 
If you already have your district email configured on your iPad or iPhone, you will need to delete it.  When you create a new one, choose Exchange.  Then enter your email address and password.  It will automatically setup the rest for you.  Remember to save when you are done.   back to top
2.  I have a Droid.  How can I setup District email? 
Some settings were changed when your account was migrated to Office 365.  If you already have your district email configured on your Droid phone or tablet, you will need to delete it.  You will then need to create a new account.
First, you will need to connect to A5-WIRELESS.  You can contact your local technology support person for assistance with this. Choose Corporate or Active Sync...whichever one is displayed.  If both are displayed as one choice, choose that one.  You will then need to enter your email address and password.  
Here are other settings you will need:
1)  Username -  domain\full email address  (domain will be acsd5_nt)  An example would be [email protected]
2)  Server Name - 
After this information is verified, follow the prompts to continue.  If you see anything concerning a security notice, choose Activate.
After you are done, please remove the A5-WIRELESS connection.
This should complete the setup of your District email on your Droid device.  back to top
3.  When I click on the District E-Mail link on my school's homepage, and after logging in, it wants me to click on another link.  When I do so, it takes me to a page that shows an Office 365 login.  What is my Office 365 login?
The District E-Mail link on schools' websites are for email accounts that still reside on our local Exchange server...which is located at the District Office. Once your account is migrated, your email account no longer lives there.  The system knows that, and it is re-routing you to the Office 365 login page.  On this page, you will enter your full District Five email address.
If you are logged into a District computer, and after entering your email address, it will not wait for your password.  It will go directly to your web mail.  That is because it is using your already logged in credentials.  If you are out of district, it will do the same after entering your email address, but this time it will go to another page with a name and password box.  At this point, you can just enter your first and last name, along with your email password.   back to top
4.  I went into the lab and got on a computer to check my email.  There was some kind of error that came up with a frowny face.  What did I do wrong?
If the computer you were using was logged in as a different user...i.e. a generic student account, you will experience an error. You will receive that error because the logged in user does not have an Office 365 account.  You MUST be logged in as yourself before you go to web access for email.
Please be aware that if you are logged into a computer and walk away, and another staff person comes to that computer to check their email in web access, they will have access to YOUR email.
Please remember to log out when you are done using a computer.  If you plan to come back, please lock it.
We are working to find a solution so that this won't happen.   back to top
5.  When I am done with web access, I go to sign out, but everytime I do that, my email opens right back up.
For some reason, Microsoft has done that by design.  To close out your email, just completely close the browser.  back to top
6.   I have a Blackberry.  How do I setup my email?
Some settings were changed when your account was migrated to Office 365. If you currently have your District email setup on your Blackberry, you will need to delete and start over.  Here are the settings your will need:
1)  Username - your full email address
2)  Password - your email password
3)  Server -
4)  Check allow SSL
4)  Uncheck allow for all certificates
This should complete the setup of your device.   back to top
7.  After my email account was migrated, my Outlook no longer works.
There can be a couple of reasons why your Outlook doesn't work.
A)  One reason would be that your are using an older version of Outlook.  Office 365 email is not compatible with Outlook 2003 and less.  If you are using Windows XP, the chances are you are using Outlook 2003. In this case you will need to access your email through web access.  The Chrome browser seems to work better in this case.
You must be logged onto the computer you are using.  It will not work if you try to check your email if someone else is logged in.
You can get to web access by going to  Enter your email address.  It will skip the password and automatically route you to your web email.
B)  If you are using Outlook 2007 or higher, it is possible that the new Office 365 server did not get correctly entered into Outlook.  Please contact your local technology support person for assistance with this.  If they are unable to correct the issue, they will contact one of the District technicians for further assistance.   back to top
8.   When I view my email through web access, all of my folders are missing.
There is a small arrow to the left of your Inbox.  Click on the arrow, and it will point downward.  You should then see your sub folders.   back to top
These are the questions we have heard the most.  If your question is not on this page, please contact your local technology person and they will do their best to get you the help you need.
We will update this page as needed.   back to top
9.    I am having a problem syncing calendar items to Apple devices. 
We recently encountered an issue where a user was not able to sync calendar information between apple devices, office 365 and the outlook client on a computer.  We discovered an app in the iTunes store called OWA that worked around the problem and also extended some features to the IPad and IPhone. If you are interested in configuring this app for your IPhone or iPad you will need the following information:

Email address: (this will be your email address)
Password:  (this will be your email password)
Username: (leave this field blank)
Domain: (Leave this field blank)