Translation & Interpretation Services

The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) requires districts to provide equitable access to all pertinent information. Therefore, Anderson School District Five has multiple methods for providing translation and interpretation services. The following services are available for use:
  • Oral and written language preferences are coded in PowerSchool. PowerSchool is linked to Remind 101 and Ellevation to ensure the parent receives communication in the requested and preferred language.
  • Language Line is the primary method of translating oral communication to parents for languages other than Spanish.
  • A Spanish Liaison is employed full time to address the needs of our Spanish speaking households. If the Spanish Liaison is unavailable for relaying communications, the MLP specialist will use Language Line.
  • Remind 101 is available to send general information home in the preferred home language. Teachers can set this up for their classroom using the preferred home language information from Ellevation and ILAPs.
  • Ellevation translates Parent Notification Letters to the preferred home language. These include:
    • Multilingual Learner Notification of Initial Placement
    • Multilingual Learner Notification of Continuation of Services
    • Multilingual Learner Notification of Continuation of Monitoring Services
    • Multilingual Learner Notification of Exiting the Multilingual Learner Program
    • Notification of Not Qualifying for Multilingual Learner Program Services
  • Individualized Language Acquisition Plans are provided through Ellevation and interpreted upon request.
In the event translation or interpretation services are needed, the school personnel in need of support will notify the MLP Specialist. The MLP specialist will coordinate the necessary services.