Supporting the MLP Student

Tips for Supporting Learning at School and at Home
  • Ensure that the student attends school daily, completes homework, and participates fully in classes.
  • Encourage the student to participate in extra-curricular activities such as after-school clubs, sports, band, etc.
  • Ask for other resources available from ESOL teachers, bilingual community liaisons, social workers, and counselors.
  • Be aware of standardized testing dates and ensure that the student arrives at school rested and on time.
  • Attend parent/teacher conferences, school events, and activities.
  • Learn about high school graduation requirements and opportunities for education after high school.
  • Find a tutor if necessary. If parents cannot directly help with homework, encourage them to locate a tutor to help their children and answer any questions.
  • Read bilingual books together. Bilingual books are a great way for ML students and their parents and family to enjoy books together.
  • Promote communication in your home language and/or English by discussing school, community, world events, friendships, challenges, stress, goals, etc.