Anderson, South Carolina


February 19, 2013

6:30 P.M.



The Board of Trustees of Anderson County School District Number Five met in the Offices of the Board this date with the following members present:� Mr. Jay Blankenship, Mr. Rick Bradshaw, Mr. John P. Griffith, Mrs. Ann Huitt, Mrs. Margaret Mack, Mr. Al Norris, Mr. Tommy Price, Mr. Dick Smith, and Mr. Paul Zugg.





In accordance with the S. C. Code of Laws, 1976, Section 30-4-80(d), as amended, the following have been notified of the time, date, place and agenda of this meeting:� The Anderson Independent-Mail, The Electric City News, WYFF, WSPA, Paul Brown, and FOX 21.





Mr. Bradshaw called the meeting to order at 6:40 p.m., and Mrs. Huitt gave the invocation.





Mr. Norris made a motion the Board approve the agenda as presented.� Mr. Smith seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.





Mr. Zugg made a motion the Board approve the minutes of the January 15, 2012 Regular Board Meeting and the February 1, 2013 Special Board Meeting as submitted.  Mrs. Mack seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.





Mrs. Holly Carithers reported that a community meeting will be held Monday, March 25, 2013 from 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. at the Delegation Office.  She stated that the purpose of the meeting is to bring together the community to discuss ideas about school safety and to receive feedback from the leaders.  Mrs. Carithers invited the Board to attend.





County Board Chairman Mr. David Draisen reported that the County Board met on Monday evening to receive their audit report.  He stated that the audit report was very favorable.  Mr. Draisen stated that the County Board is also concerned about security in the schools.  He further reported that he and Mr. Nimmer had an opportunity the meet the three finalists for superintendent of schools and commended the Board on their efforts in selecting the finalists.





Mr. Bradshaw thanked all of the 32 applicants, especially the ten semi-finalists and three finalists.  He stated that it was good to know any of the three finalists would make a great superintendent.  He also thanked the faculty and staff, business community, ministerial associations, elected officials, and the community as a whole for their input and opinions that were given.  The Board truly listened and tried to select the one person that had the attributes you said were important.


The District is about to enter into a new era of leadership for Anderson School District Five.  Mr. Bradshaw stated, “But I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize our current superintendent, our leader, and our friend Betty Bagley for all of the hard work and dedication she has given to this district for the past 13 years.  She has built a foundation of greatness for those that follow her to build on.  My hope is that in this new era, we all unite together, to build on that foundation the best education possible for all the children of Anderson County.”  Mr. Bradshaw then recognized Vice Chairman Dick Smith to present the motion.


Coach Smith stated that the Board worked very hard, and they were very diligent throughout this process.  He further stated that going from 32 applicants to ten semi-finalists was hard; going from ten semi-finalists to three finalists was even harder; going from three finalists to one candidate has been a very difficult process; and the Board should be commended for their efforts.


Mr. Chairman, I move the Board name Thomas A. Wilson as Superintendent of Anderson School District Five effective July 1, 2013 and that you, as Board Chair, be authorized to execute an employment contract with Mr. Wilson, said contract having been reviewed with the Board and which contract provides for a three-year term of employment at an annual salary of $150,000.  Mrs. Huitt seconded the motion.


Mr. Bradshaw then recognized and thanked Mr. Norris for his leadership as Chairman of the Superintendent Search Committee.


The motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Bradshaw stated that Mr. Wilson will be designated as Superintendent-Elect until July 1, 2013.





Financial Reports – Mr. Brooks presented as information the monthly Financial Statements, the Pupil Activity Reports, and a list of accounts over budget for the month of January 2013.  With regards to expenditures, he stated that we have a positive variance of approximately 5% which equates to a $4.42 million fund balance increase projected over the course of the year.  The $4.42 million increase does not take into account the end-of-the year accruals, budgeted fund balance items, and the one-time technology and supply allocations that the Board previously approved to release during the month of January.


Southwood HVAC Bids – Mr. Brooks stated that the Board previously authorized for bids to be solicited for the Southwood Academy of the Arts HVAC project.  He then presented a scaled-down version of the full-school HVAC project that was bid earlier, but rejected by the Board.  Bids for the project were received on February 7, 2013.  Mr. Brooks called attention to the bid tabulation sheet.  He stated that McCarter Mechanical was the low bidder.  The base bid is approximately $64,119 with two alternate bids.  The first alternate provides for four classroom unit ventilators for inventory in anticipation of future unit ventilator failures which amounts to $21,465.  The second alternate is to add a rooftop unit for the music room which amounts to $56,219.  The Administration recommended that the bid (including alternate 1 and 2) be awarded to McCarter Mechanical at a cost of approximately $141,803, subject to satisfying the bid protest period and providing that all of the requirements of the District Procurement Code are met.


Mrs. Huitt made a motion the Board approve the bid from McCarter Mechanical (including alternate 1 and 2) at a cost of approximately $141,803, subject to satisfying the bid protest period and providing that all of the requirements of the District Procurement Code are met.  Mr. Norris seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.


Proposals from McMillan Pazdan Smith – Mr. Brooks stated that at the last meeting the Board authorized the administration to solicit design proposals from McMillan Pazdan Smith on five construction projects that were presented by the Building Committee.  In addition to the projects presented last month, six additional projects were added to the list and discussed at the Building Committee meeting prior to the Board Meeting.  Mr. Brooks distributed the following summary of estimated project costs and total fee per project for Board consideration.




Fee Percentage


Estimated Project Cost


Total Fee


Southwood 3D Art Studio


fixed fee






Southwood Dance Studio


fixed fee






Lakeside Gym Floor Replacement


fixed fee





T. L. Hanna Stadium Press Box Stair Replacement


fixed fee





Westside Stadium Press Box Stair Replacement & Door


fixed fee





Westside Unit Ventilator Replacement & Kitchen HVAC







Anderson V Career Campus Unit Ventilator








New Prospect Security Vestibule


fixed fee






South Fant Security Vestibule


fixed fee






Varennes Security Vestibule


fixed fee





Anderson V Career Campus Security Vestibule


fixed fee






Mr. Bradshaw then recognized Mrs. Huitt to give a report from the Building Committee.


Mrs. Huitt reported that the Southwood 3D Art Studio and Dance Studio, Lakeside Gym Floor Replacement, T. L. Hanna Stadium Press Box Stair Replacement, and the Westside Stadium Press Box Stair Replacement & Door were approved by the Board to solicit estimated cost projections.  The Building Committee recommends Board approval to solicit bids for these projects.


Mrs. Huitt reported that the Building Committee discussed handling the Westside Unit Ventilator Replacement and Kitchen HVAC and the Anderson V Career Campus Ventilator similar to the way the district handled the ventilators at Southwood.  The Administration will determine how many units are needed immediately, and then the Board will decide on how to proceed with replacing the units.


Mr. Bradshaw then stated that the Building Committee discussed not replacing the T. L. Hanna Stadium Press Box Stairs, because it is not a safety issue.  The Committee decided to remove the stairs due to their condition.  We still have two entrances and exits to the Stadium Press Box.


On behalf of the Building Committee, Mrs. Huitt made a motion the Board authorize the Administration to solicit bids for the Southwood 3D Art Studio; the Southwood Dance Studio; the Lakeside Gym Floor Replacement; the Westside Stadium Press Box Stair Replacement & Door; and replacement of the Westside Unit Ventilator & Kitchen HVAC and Anderson V Career Campus Ventilator as needed.  No second was required.  The motion carried unanimously.


School Leaks Update – Mr. Brooks reported that we have had an ongoing issue with leaks at Glenview and Robert Anderson Middle Schools.  He stated that the Administration has been very diligent in reporting all leaks to the General Contractor.  The contractors have been very good about responding to the problems.  Mr. Brooks further stated that all of the problems we have experienced were not just roof leaks.  We have also had some leaks associated with HVAC systems penetrating through the roof.  He reported that we are still holding monies on all projects.  Even though we are past the one-year General Contractor warranty period for Glenview and Robert Anderson, we continue to hold money in an effort to make sure that Shelco is responsive to our calls for assistance.  Before the warranty period expired, we did put them on notice of the potential for latent defects with the school, particular the roofing system.


At North Pointe Elementary School, Mr. Brooks reported that we are still within the warranty period.  The warranty period began on October 1 of this year.  We are holding a considerable amount of money on this project.  He stated that Matrix has been responsive in attempting to deal with the leaks that we have experienced.





Comprehensive Safety Plan – Mrs. Bagley discussed a handout distributed to the Board that identified weak areas in the district.  She requested that this information not be made public.  The information was listed in four categories (i.e., building needs, cameras, software needs, personnel needs, etc.).  She also stated that we are looking at partnerships with other agencies and what we can do to have our partners in our schools.


Building Needs – Mrs. Bagley stated that Mr. Brooks mentioned the need of security vestibules in several of our schools.  This issue was discussed in detail at the Building Committee meeting.  The security vestibules will create a safety area where individuals are buzzed into a safety zone, from the safety zone into the office, and then allowed into the building.  If the Board approves, Mrs. Bagley stated that we can accomplish this over the summer in the four schools listed on the proposal from McMillan Pazdan Smith and ready for the students when they return in August.


Mrs. Bagley then stated that with McCants and Lakeside, it will take another referendum to make these two schools safe.  We have agreed to say that these two schools need to be replaced.  They need to be replaced not only for safety reasons, but for technology, lavatories, etc.  A plan has been presented to enclose Westside that has not yet been approved by the Board.  We have run into some difficulty with the architect and the State Department of Education.  Mrs. Bagley reported that the SDE will visit us on March 12 to see the layout of the school in relation to plans presented.  The architect stated that their decisions are based on code to make sure we meet the codes.



Camera Needs – Mrs. Bagley stated that the Technology Department did an inventory of all cameras at all schools and sites.  We have looked at replacing cameras in three tiers.  Tier I is a basic camera coverage – having all of our schools buzz visitors into the school and placing cameras on the doors.  Tier II is placing cameras in the hallways.  Tier III is accomplishing Tier I and Tier II and placing cameras out in our parking lots sweeping across our properties noting everything going on.  As we go up the tiers, this means more monitors to watch and to react to.  The camera system has to be viewed in a good tier system all the way to Tier III; making sure all of our schools have the basic, including Lakeside and McCants.


Software Needs – Mrs. Bagley stated that we have looked at apps for our laptops and iPads for real time monitoring; right now this is not possible.  Mr. Grant has had discussions with local industry, and this is something that will be coming soon.


Mr. Bradshaw then asked if we can still do real time monitoring with our video cameras from fixed computers, to which Mrs. Bagley responded affirmative.  She stated that if the Board considers all three tiers, the district would have more of a monitoring system (i.e., latches on doors, someone monitoring who enters the building from one wing to another, etc.).


Mrs. Bagley stated we can now put in panic buttons.  This is a wireless button that when front office staff has to deal with a safety issue or, in their judgment, sees a situation that could cause potential danger, they can alert law enforcement without any sound.


Personnel Needs – Mrs. Bagley stated that the Administration has listened to presentations by two security firms.  She also stated that area superintendents had the opportunity meet with SLED Chief Teal to hear his recommendations for school districts in making their schools safer.  Chief Teal does not recommend arming administrators or teachers or using certified constables.  He has concerns with using retired officers because of re-certification of firearms and concerns with security companies because of their methods for re-certification of fire arms.  Chief Teal’s recommendation would be to hire additional resource officers, which has been the Administration’s initial recommendation.  Resource officers have police academy training; they have training as resource officers; and they have protocol that they must follow for re-certification.


Mrs. Bagley further stated that the hiring of additional resource officers is a funding issue that she will discuss when she present some immediate recommendations.  Mrs. Bagley then recognized Dr. Williams and Dr. Leverette to give an update on district security in place to protect the students and employees.  She stated that after their presentation, she would then make a recommendation on what the district should do immediately and the funding sources.


In a PowerPoint presentation, Dr. Leverette reviewed information from the South Carolina School Boards Insurance Trust in regards to the employment of armed security officers.  The SCSBIT cautions school districts about this issue for three reasons:  1) safety and liability issues, 2) tax and insurance coverage issues, and 3) legal issues.


Dr. Williams then presented initiatives the district already has in place with regards to school safety.  He discussed the development of a District Safety Preparedness Committee, which consists of one representative from each school.  Each school in the district will complete a comprehensive Model Safe Schools Checklist.  Dr. Williams stated that the City Police Department and the Sheriff’s Department have agreed that if they have an officer on patrol in the area of a school, the officer will do a walk-through of the school.  He further discussed implementing a 911 School Buzzer System for each school, integrating each schools camera system with the Sheriff’s Department, and restricting student use of the Internet by using the Gaggle Security system where student activities are passed through multiple filtering systems that scan for inappropriate content.


Following the presentation and some discussion, Mrs. Bagley made the following immediate recommendations at a cost of approximately $1.5 million seeking 8% monies to cover the expense.


1)    Installation of two panic buttons in all buildings

2)    Basic CCTV system upgrades (Tier I, II, III) including software

3)    Vestibules


Mrs. Bagley further recommended exploring other avenues for funding additional school resources officers.  She stated that 8% monies or reserve funding could only be used for one-time expenses.  She also stated that if we decide to add additional resource officers, the Sheriff’s Department has asked that the district commit to a 3-year contract.


Following some discussion, Mrs. Huitt made a motion the Board approve the Administration’s recommendations as presented.  Mrs. Mack seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.



AdvancED Update – Dr. Leverette reminded the board of the district’s visit by AdvancED.  She stated that the AdvancED External Review Team will be in the District March 3-6, 2013.  She also stated that the Board is scheduled to interview with the review team on March 4, and then the Board will receive the External Review Team Exit Report on March 6.  Dr. Leverette then discussed a handout explaining the AdvancED organization (which provides our accreditation) and the accreditation process.





Mrs. Huitt reported that the Building Committee met prior to the February 19, 2013 Board Meeting to discuss several building projects.  Mrs. Huitt stated that recognizing the future need for additional points of access into the school building as student enrollment growth occurs at North Pointe, an extension of the existing covered walkway leading to a second entry/exit point near the auditorium is recommended.  Matrix Construction, the school’s general contractor, has provided change order pricing in the amount of $45,931 to construct the covered walkway extension of a design and appearance to match the existing covered walkway.  The cost of the work can be deducted from the remaining unused contingency allowance on the project.


On behalf of the Building Committee, Mrs. Huitt made a motion the Board approve the change order.  No second was required.  The motion carried unanimously.





Mrs. Bagley reported that McCants has been working approximately four year seeking IB status.  They had their visit last week.  McCants is now waiting for the official announcement that they are now an official International Baccalaureate School.





Mr. Bradshaw made a motion the Board recess for five minutes, then reconvene in Executive Session to discuss two Personnel Matters and an Evaluation Matter.  Mr. Smith seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.



(8:09 P.M.)




Mr. Price made a motion the Board reconvene in Open Session.  Mr. Norris seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.


Mr. Bradshaw reported that no action was taken in Executive Session; however action is required on one matter.


Mr. Zugg made a motion the Board approve reimbursing the superintendent up to 90 days of accrued but unused sick leave as of June 30, 2013.  Mrs. Huitt seconded the motion, which carried unanimously





There being no further business, Mrs. Mack made a motion the Board adjourn.  Mr. Zugg seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.



(9:57 P.M.)





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Recording Secretary

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