Anderson, South Carolina


March 1, 2007

6:30 P.M.



The Board of Trustees of Anderson County School District Number Five met in the Offices of the Board this date with the following members present: Mr. David Alewine, Mr. Rick Bradshaw, Dr. William Mack Burriss, Mrs. Ann W. Huitt, Mrs. Margaret Mack, Mr. Al Norris, Jr., and Dr. Paul A. Talmadge.  Absent were Mr. Charles Lee Anderson and Mr. John William Caldwell, Sr.





In accordance with the S. C. Code of Laws, 1976, Section 30-4-80(d), as amended, the following have been notified of the time, date, place and agenda of this meeting:  The Anderson Independent-Mail, Greenville News, The Anderson Journal, WYFF, WSPA, Paul Brown, and FOX 21.





Dr. Burriss called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. for the purpose of considering bids for the West Market construction project.  He further stated that if the Board approves the bid, a groundbreaking date will be set for West Market.





Mrs. Bagley stated that seven construction companies attended the pre-conference bid; however, only three of the seven companies submitted a bid for the West Market construction project.  She then distributed the Re-Bid Tabulation sheet and reported that Melloul-Blamey Construction, LTD came in with the lowest bid of $6,845,000.  She stated that the bid is approximately $300,000 more than the District’s estimated price of approximately $6,551,000, but we believe that this bid is within an acceptable range and that we can manage the cash flow.


The Administration recommended the Board approve Melloul-Blamey Construction, LTD’s bid of $6,845,000 subject to satisfying the requirements of the District Procurement Code.


Mrs. Bagley reminded the Board that the original bid was approximately $2 million over the District’s estimated projection.  She then showed the fly-around of West Market pointing out such items as the crayon fence, canopies, and screened-in porches that were deleted after cutting approximately $1.2 million from the original bid.


Mrs. Huitt expressed concerns about losing the canopies and the screened-in porches.


Dr. Talmdage asked if the canopies could be added back at a later time to which Mrs. Bagley responded, yes.  Dr. Talmadge also asked if the classrooms still had outside doors and how easily could they be locked now that the canopies are gone to which Mrs. Bagley responded, that the outside doors are still there and the emergency lock down would not change.


In response to a question from Mr. Bradshaw as to why the security cameras where not listed as an alternate on the bid tabulation sheet, Mrs. Bagley stated that cameras are included but they are not located at every door.  Mr. Bradshaw further stated that it was the consensus of the Board that alternate #1 would be to add back the full security system.


Mr. Bradshaw went on to state that the Board voted to delete $20,000 for the security system because the Administration felt that we had enough outside cameras to suffice.  However, he and other members of the Board had expressed that security was important and, through a consensus of the Board, the first alternate to be added back was the full security system.


Mrs. Bagley explained that the deletion of two classrooms had been listed as an alternate, but the base price of $6.8 million included the two classrooms.  The alternates listed are deductions to provide flexibility if the bids had come in over budget.  There has not been an add-on to this base price.


Mr. Alewine expressed concerns about the wide variability in unit prices for “removing and replacing unsuitable soil,” “re-spreading of topsoil,” “temporary grass,” “rock excavation,” etc.  He stated that these prices need to be investigated before entering into a contract.


This was followed by a lengthy discussion on incurring additional costs through change orders, removal of a fuel tank on the site, unknowns, etc.  It was suggested that the district go back and revisit these unit prices and ask Melloul-Blamey to explain why their bid was much higher than other bidders in some areas.


Mrs. Bagley stated that all the projects we have done thus far have been under budget, and overall the change orders have been in our favor.  Mrs. Bagley stated that the District could go back and get an explanation, but the bid received is the one the District must take action on.


There was continued discussion on the removal of the tank on site, the cost for removing and replacing unsuitable soil, the costs of unknowns, and placing the security system as Alternate #1.


Dr. Talmadge then asked if the differences in estimates were enough for the Board to be concerned about.


In response to a question from Mr. Norris if Melloul-Blamey was the low bidder for the Calhoun project, Mr. Colman responded affirmative.  Mr. Norris then asked Mr. Colman how he saw Melloul-Blamey as it relates to their workmanship and bringing the West Market construction project in on time.


Mr. Colman stated that we encountered some problems with Melloul-Blamey on the Calhoun project; however, we attributed the problems with Calhoun to the project manager.  McMillan Smith & Partners informed the District that Melloul-Blamey had a different project manager for three other schools and the projects were on time, within budget, and the quality was good.  Our first request for the West Market project will be to get a different project manager.


There were additional concerns expressed about the problems the District experienced with Melloul-Blamey and how they handled the Calhoun project.  Some of the concerns included the status of liquidated damages, the cost and time of having to redo some of the work, and the length of time for actual completion of the Calhoun project.



Mrs. Bagley emphasized that even though the District has experienced some delays with the Calhoun project, Melloul-Blamey has been responsive to all of our requests.  We have very high standards, and we expect high quality work.  The reason there is still a punch list for Calhoun is because we will not let Melloul-Blamey in the school to disrupt classes.  They are only allowed in the school during weekends and holidays.


After further discussion, it was requested by the Board that the Administration get an explanation from Melloul-Blamey on the wide variability in unit prices and negotiate with the company for comparable prices, answers to all of the Board’s concerns prior to signing the contract, and a confirmation on securing a different project manager for the West Market construction project.


Mr. Bradshaw further requested that the cost of the full security system be added to the bid price to give the Board an idea as to what the construction project would cost with the full security system, and that the Board be provided with a total cost at the beginning of the construction project and a total cost at the end of the construction project.


Mrs. Huitt made a motion that the Board approve the bid of $6,845,000 from Melloul-Blamey Construction, LTD pending consultation with the superintendent, subject to a favorable recommendation from the architect and provided that all of the requirements of the District Procurement Code are met.  Dr. Talmadge seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.


Mrs. Bagley then distributed as information an article from The State newspaper relating to funds being allocated for 4K at-risk children.


Mrs. Bagley requested a groundbreaking date for the West Market construction project.  It was the consensus of the Board to have the groundbreaking ceremony on April 15, 2007 at 2:00 p.m.





There being no further business, Mrs. Ann Huitt made a motion the Board adjourn.  Mr. Norris seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.



(7:43 P.M.)





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