Anderson, South Carolina


December 4, 2012

6:30 P.M.



The Board of Trustees of Anderson County School District Number Five met in the Offices of the Board this date with the following members present:� Mr. Jay Blankenship, Mr. Rick Bradshaw, Mrs. Margaret Mack, Mr. Al Norris, Mr. Tommy Price, Mr. Dick Smith, and Mr. Paul Zugg.� Absent were Mr. John P. Griffith and Mrs. Ann Huitt.





In accordance with the S. C. Code of Laws, 1976, Section 30-4-80(d), as amended, the following have been notified of the time, date, place and agenda of this meeting:� The Anderson Independent-Mail, The Electric City News, WYFF, WSPA, Paul Brown, and FOX 21.





Mr. Norris called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m. for the purpose of receiving and update on the superintendent�s search process.�





Because the State had not certified the election before the November 20, 2012 Board Meeting, Mr. Norris again administered the Oath of Office for newly elected Board Members Jay Blankenship and Tommy Price and re-elected Board Member Paul Zugg.


Mr. Norris then recognized SCSBA Executive Director Dr. Paul Krohne.





Dr. Krohne distributed a list of proposed dates approved by the Board for the superintendent search and a Focus Group Summary Report.� He stated that the purpose of the focus groups was to share information about the search for a new superintendent and to gather input including desirable qualities for the superintendent.


Dr. Krohne reported that two focus group meetings were held on November 8 and November 12, and were facilitated by Dr. Billy Floyd, SCSBA Senior Search Consultant and Dr. Henry Hunt, SCSBA Search Consultant.� The focus groups included building level administration, district office staff, teacher representatives, students, and the community.� In addition to the focus groups, an online survey instrument was available to anyone in the community to offer their comments.� Dr. Krohne called attention to the combined comments from all focus groups in addition to a list of comments from the Teacher Advisory Council and the ministerial association.� He then called attention to the on-line survey results and the survey comments.


Dr. Krohne then called attention to criteria approved by the Board of Trustees that the SCSBA used in their recruitment document.� He then discussed the SCSBA Executive Summary of common themes that came from all the focus groups.�


Mr. Blankenship expressed that it is vital the superintendent have a relationship with business and industry.� He stated that it is going to be more imperative that business and industry have somewhat of a hand in curriculum development.� Mr. Blankenship also expressed that it is imperative the superintendent and district have relationships with higher education.� The entry levels of higher education are changing; criteria is changing; the more that we can engage them in the process early on, the better we are going to be.� He further stated that dealing with the legislative bodies locally, regionally, and statewide is very important.


Dr. Krohne suggested adding a statement that says, �Committed to building a constructive relationship with the business community, higher education, and the legislative delegation.�


Dr. Krohne stated that the Focus Group Summary document will be used in guiding the Board when interviewing the candidates.� He also stated that, if approved by the Board, it will be provided to the candidates.


Mr. Price asked if the Executive Summary included the superintendent�s interest in the athletic programs for the district.


Dr. Krohne suggested adding a statement that says, �Committed to a well-rounded athletic program and extra-curricular activities.�


Following further discussion, Dr. Krohne pointed out that it is important the Board understands this is a non-binding document.  It is simply a collection of opinions from the different focus groups and the community.


Mr. Bradshaw made a motion the Board accept the Focus Group Summary report as information with the addition of the two above-mentioned statements suggested by the Board.  Mrs. Mack seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.





Mr. Zugg made a motion the Board recess and then reconvene in Executive Session to discuss a Contractual Matter.  Mrs. Mack seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.



(7:15 P.M.)





Mr. Smith made a motion the Board reconvene in Open Session.  Mr. Bradshaw seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.


Mr. Norris reported that no action was taken in Executive Session and no action will be taken in Open Session.





There being no further business, Mr. Bradshaw made a motion the Board adjourn.  Mr. Zugg seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.



(8:00 P.M.)





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Recording Secretary

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