CodeDBF�� Issued5/03



Purpose: To establish the basic structure for public hearings prior to the adoption of the annual budget.


Notice of budget adoption


Before adopting the operating budget for the next fiscal year, the district will advertise the public hearing on the budget in at least one South Carolina newspaper of general circulation in the area. The notice must appear not less than 15 days in advance of the public hearing. The notice must be a minimum of two columns wide with a bold heading.


The notice must include the following.


��������� governing entity�s name

��������� time, date and location of the public hearing on the budget

��������� total revenues and expenditures from the current operating fiscal year�s budget of the governing entity

��������� proposed total projected revenue and operating expenditures for the next fiscal year as estimated in the next year�s budget for the governing entity

��������� proposed or estimated percentage change in estimated operating budgets between the current fiscal year and the proposed budget

��������� millage for the current fiscal year

estimated millage in dollars as necessary for the next fiscal years proposed budget


Adopted 5/20/03


Legal references:


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1. Section 6-1-80 - Budget adoption.

2. Section 6-1-300 et seq.- Authority of local governments to assess taxes and fees.


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1. 1982 Act 510, p. 3420 Provides for powers, duties and election of Anderson County Board of Education.