Your Diploma is Ready When You Are!
    A South Carolina High School Diploma can be earned through the Anderson Adult Education Center. 
    Our program is designed for individuals who did not finish high school.  An adult must meet the same requirements found in regular high schools by completing 24 units to qualify for a high school diploma. Students 22 years old and older, who have earned at least 20 units through an accredited high school, may transfer those units to adult education and work towards earning a South Carolina High School Diploma. Those students 17 to 21 would have completed 18 units to qualify for our program. (Some exceptions apply. Less than 18 units are reviewed on a case by case basis) All diploma students will be required to sign a contract stating they must compete one class per nine weeks or they will be dropped from the High School Diploma program and asked to switch to the GED program. 
    All high school diploma classes are virtual. Instructors are on campus to assist students with any questions they may have concerning the enrolled courses they are in. 
    Required Diploma Units    Subject Units
    Language Arts                   4
    Mathematics                      4
    Science                              3
    US History                         1
    Social Studies                    1
    Government                      .5
    Economics                        .5
    Computer Studies              1
    Electives                            9
     Total Units Required         24
    Adults 17 years old or older may earn high school units by completing the required work. 
    Pre-Assessment All students seeking entrance into the High School Diploma Program are required to attend an orientation session prior to enrollment. This session will prepare you for class along with determining your reading, language and math skills.
    Students that are 17-21 years of age must submit an application for 17 year old or the 18-21 year old application referral form signed by the principal, guidance counselor and the school superintendent of the last school/district they attended prior to registering. 17 year olds and their parent(s) or guardian(s) may also be required to meet with the Director of Anderson Adult Education Center before enrollment.
    All fees owed to last school attended must be paid before enrollment at Anderson Adult Education Center.
    These forms can be picked up here at the center or downloaded by clicking on the following attachments. (17 year old form is a two-page form. Both the front and back are required) 
     Additional Regulations for High School Diploma Students Units earned in Adult Education classes will not transfer back to a traditional school unless the unit included 120 hours of instruction and was taught by an instructor certified in that subject area. Our center does not offer 120 hour courses. Students may earn no more than 8 high school units in any 12-month period. Students may not graduate from the High School Diploma program before the class with which they entered the ninth grade graduates.
    Replacement High School Diplomas and/or Transcripts
    Missing or lost High School Diplomas must be ordered through the South Carolina Department of Education. Go to https://doesc.scriborder.com/application
     All orders for duplicate diplomas require a fee. Duplicate transcripts can be requested at Anderson Adult Education by calling 864-260-5075. A &5.00 fee is charged for duplicate transcripts.