What is WIN?
    WIN provides the opportunity to explore the world of work, discover the education and training pathways to get there, and develop the foundational career readiness skills for lifelon success.  
     Win testing is Free the 1st time. Each retake is free. 
    What skills does WIN measure?
    WIN assessments measure workplace skills:
    Applied Mathematics
    Locating Information
    Reading For Information
    Please call 864-260-5075 to ask about a schedule for any of the exams.
    There are 3 tests required for the ParaPro certification. A Silver certificate is needed for qualification in all areas. The tests provided are WIN Applied Math, WIN Reading for Information, & Workkeys Business Writing. The ParaPro certification exam is $25.00. Any retakes of the business writing section are $25. 
    You are required to pre-register for these test, spots fill up quickly.  For the testing schedule - Please call us at 864-260-5075 or visit us at Anderson Adult Education Center. To learn more about WIN visit their website at www.wincrsystem.com