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    “I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music.  
    I see my life in terms of music”

                                                                                                                                                          -Albert Einstein- 

      Thank you for visiting my home page. 
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    The music links are great to advance your knowledge and skills in music. 
    If you have any questions about performances, arts infusion or any other general music information, you may contact me at danacraft@anderson5.net 
    Personal Philosophy 
    It is my goal for our students to have an appreciation for all kinds of music and
    to be able to increase their academic knowledge through music.
    One of my favorite movies is Mr. Holland's Opus.  I think we would all agree with Principal Jacobs when he says: 
    "A teacher has two jobs; fill young minds with knowledge, yes,
    but more important, give those minds a compass so that that knowledge doesn't go to waste." 


    I want all of our students to use music in their daily lives to help them to become better students and to continue to use it as a learning tool.
    I also agree when Glenn Holland says: "Well, I guess you can cut the arts as much as you want, (Gene),
    but sooner or later,these kids aren't going to have anything to read or write about."

    Thank you for continuing to help the students learn through:


                     LangUage and Drama

                    HiStory and Art


                               PhysiCal Education and Dance


    Music is rhythmically based on subdivision of time into fractions.

    Trigonometry, algebra, and pattern recognition

    are all elements of musical understanding.


    Music includes skills for learning to read

    such as recognizing that symbols stand for sounds and decoding. 

    Language in spoken, sung, and written form 

    are integral to performances.


    Music records history by means of folk songs, styles, and periods. 

    It also expresses the history and lives of people,

    countries, and their cultures in authentic forms.


    Science is exact, specific and demands acoustics. 

    Music scores are graphs which indicate frequencies, volume changes, melody,

    and harmony intensities all at once with exact control of time.

     Physical Education/Dance

    P. E. and Dance requires physical energy, 

    proper body mechanics and breath control.

    Music can evoke physical energy and use of gross motor skills

    through movements used to show elements such as

    tempo (fast and slow) and articulation (bouncy and smooth)

    Good singing requires good posture and proper breath control. 


    Please continue to support the arts and help use continue to

    use it as a learning tool for our students.   


    My wish for our students and all of you is to: 

    "Set out each day believing in your dreams.

    Know without a doubt that you were made for amazing things."

    [Josh Hinds]

    Thanks again for visiting my web site!!!

     Dana C. Craft