• La Tour Eiffel
    Jane Isbell

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    Bienvenue à la classe de français!  Welcome to French class!  I'm looking forward to exploring the French language and the French-speaking world with you this year!  Allons-y!  Let's go!

    Credentials:             Bachelor's Degree in French from Winthrop University
                                    Master's Degree in English from Converse College
                                    Gifted and Talented Endorsement 

    Schedule:        1st Semester                                              2nd Semester
                            1st block:  French 1                                   1st block:  French 1
                            2nd block: French 1                                   2nd block: French 2
                            3rd block:  Planning                                   3rd block:  Planning
                            4th block:  French 3                                   4th block:  French 2