El mundo hispano.


    Misael Rodríguez
     Bachelor of science in Education/Teaching.
     Instructor of Spanish 1

    Welcome to TLH; School year 2022-2023

     Weekly Agenda 22-23 link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oTkeYGLNzs5S-KcsNZd_RMZ5O8gG9zAAxBJt5JDTmrc/edit?usp=sharing


    All Spanish 1 students will need:  Please read the Syllabus.
    - a 1 inch binder
    - loose paper
    - 5 dividers
    - something to write with.

    My name is Misael Rodriguez, I was born in Cuba and went to University there from 1990 to 1995, I have a bachelor of Science in teaching by the ISP "Jose Marti" Camaguey, Cuba. Spanish is my first language.
    This year you will learn more than a language, they will learn the culture of various Spanish speaking countries! 


    Spanish 1: The course teaches students vocabulary, culture and lots of grammar structures to facilitate reading, writing, world knowledge and speaking abilities in the target language. This class includes listening and speaking activities, writing activities, cultural videos and a few projects throughout the course of the year. 

    TL Hanna High School encourages communication between home and school.  If you would like to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns, you may either call the school at 260-5110 xt 85607 or e-mail me at misaelrodriguez@anderson5.net        email will be the fastest way to get to me.
        Semester Class  
    First block   planning                 
    Second block   class
    Third block  class
    Fourth block   class
    Welcome to another great year at TLH. My name is Misael Rodriguez and I will be teaching Spanish Level 1.
    2022-2023 school year.