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    Project Challenge
    Brett Bodell
    I am so excited to be the new GT teacher here at North Pointe!  Over the time we have been out of school I have literally been waiting for the moment when you arrive.  The classrooms are ready and the only thing needed to complete this recipe is you.  I can't wait!
    Just a few things about me since we are new to one another.  First, this will be my 29th year of teaching elementary school.  I may be a touch old, but I still enjoy teaching and want to share my joy with you and your families.  Speaking of families, I have a beautiful wife named Kim that I have been married to for 27 years.  We have two children named Haley and Andy.  Haley is 22 and working on her Masters at USC.  My son Andy is 19 and working on a math degree at Clemson.  In addition, we have two large dogs, and two cats.  That's enough!
    My passions outside of teaching are golf, hockey, sports on TV, travel, and cycling.  In fact, many of you have probably seen me on my bike as I do most of my riding around here. Finally, I love a great joke and will be sharing my favorites with you daily.
    If you would like, you are free to e-mail me this weekend and tell me a little about yourself.  I promise that I will write you back!
    I'm looking forward to being your teacher and I'm especially excited about meeting you for the first time!