Our Mission


    Excellence in teaching and success in learning
    To become globally minded, ethical, and productive individuals who are prepared to enter college or the workforce.



    We Believe



    • All children can learn. 
    • Family involvement is critical in the development of the student.
    • Each individual has worth.
    •  Learning is our business and knowledge and skills are our product.
    • Students learn in different ways.
    • Diversity is a strength in our society.
    • With every right comes responsibility.
    • Every student is entitled to a safe, secure and positive learning environment.
    • Shared decision-making improves the educational process.
    • Ethical values and positive self-image contribute to success.
    • The quality of life is improved by increasing the educational levels of our students.
    • The arts and extracurricular activities are an integral part of a child’s education.